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While our main job is to photograph an event or wedding, that doesn’t mean that we won’t pitch in any way we are needed! We are involved with everyone and have access to everywhere, so we are naturally the ones that can most easily help.  We commonly pin on boutineers (almost every wedding), run errands, play coordinator, florist (Ok, I say that one lightly, but I have read books on putting together flowers and have thrown some together in a pinch), confidant, mediator, etc.

At one of our favorite weddings of all time, we walked in to take pictures of the guys getting ready and found one of the attendants, Dennis, flat ironing his hair.  We laughed at him.  I admit it.  Then, we realized as everyone knows that has the pleasure of flat-ironing their own hair (insert sarcasm here _________) that it is really much easier if someone else does it for you. (Shanna and I both have short, curly hair.)

So, Shanna jumped in and helped Dennis.  We can now add hair dresser to our list of accomplishments.  For you hair dressers out there, no insult intended.  Trust me, I know how valuable you really are every time I have to go confess to my own gal that I hacked at my bangs yet again. 🙂



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