Dallas Indian Wedding Photographer: Noah’s | Kabilan & Anne

I had the privilege a few weeks ago to shoot a gorgeous two day ceremony with one of my videographer friends from Austin: Nana Aikens of Graymask.  I met him quite a few years ago when he was shooting as a photographer. These days he is primarily video, but he still offers both services, so he and I handled the photography while the rest of his team handled video. It was fun working with a video crew and seeing how the other half works 🙂

The first evening was the Hindi ceremony.  Although I have shot quite a few other Indian ceremonies, this was my first Hindi one.  It was obviously beautiful.  I loved the bright, vibrant colors.  The second day’s ceremony was the Christian ceremony.  I teased the couple telling them that they were REALLY, REALLY married!

Below is the Hindi ceremony.  The Christian one will follow soon! I hope you enjoy the images!




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