Dallas Wedding Photographer: Hilton Bella | Priya’s Bridals

This beautiful bride is Priya.  Priya contacted me and told me that she initially wasn’t going to get bridal portraits, but she changed her mind shortly before her wedding.  Its funny how an amazing dress will do that!  After finding out what Priya liked, we decided to do her bridal session at the Hilton Bella at Rockwall Harbor.

Priya is very shy and sweet, so you can imagine how embarrassed she was to find HUNDREDS of teenage girls at the hotel doing a dance competition.  I swear ALL of them had to stop and admire her dress and give their best wishes.  What can excite a teenage girl more than a bride in a gorgeous dress like this!?

Priya just got married yesterday in India and will then be coming back to the states to move to Connecticut to be with her new husband there.  I hope you both have many days of happiness 🙂  Thank you so much for trusting me to do your bridal portraits!



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