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Las Colinas Canals | Dorian & Bethanie are engaged!

One day, one of my wonderful wedding planner buddies contacted me and said that this great couple was interested in meeting me to chat about my services.  We planned a date and I got to meet Dorian and Bethanie in person.  It was just one of those meetings where we just clicked! I remember looking at LaKisha, (their planner) and saying, “Ohhh, I can tell that I could create magic with these two!”  I could just tell with how they interacted with each other and with me that it was a great pairing.

Thankfully, I got the message shortly later that night that they wanted to hire me!  For their engagement session, we met at the beautiful Las Colinas Canals.  You won’t believe this, but they were kinda nervous.  They told me that they weren’t sure they could pose like the other couples in my portfolio.  I told them to leave that part to me. Well, I think mission accomplished.  I adore this session and can’t even hardly wait until their wedding later this year!

And last, a special thank you to LaKisha Wells of Renee’s Eventi for pairing me with this wonderful couple!

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