Fort Worth Family Photography | Amy & Jackson

These two are very special to me.  Not only is Amy one of my best friends of something like 6 years, Jackson was my very first person that I was asked to take photos of.  I had my Nikon D70s with my kit lens and I was asked to go take pictures of him the day he was born in the hospital.   I had already started learning a little bit about exposure and quickly found out that to get the best images, that I should not use pop-up flash on his sensitive eyes and I needed a “faster” lens.

I was told to either invest in a 50mm f/1.8 lens or to purchase an external flash.  After looking at costs, the lens was cheaper than the flash and I was on a tight budget, so that made my choice easy.  By the way, I think this is the ONLY lens that is cheaper than a flash!  So, to make a long story short, I went to the hospital armed with my camera and new lens and did a pretty good job!

Now, nearly 3 yrs later, Amy wanted to get some updated portraits of this little guy and he loves trains.  We decided he would really like the Grapevine trains.  These are a few from their session.

During this next picture, Amy and I about lost it with laughter.  We were trying to get Jackson to hug Amy’s leg AND to look at the camera.  So, Amy told him, “Say cheese and look at the camera!”  So, Jackson said, “CHEESE AND LOOK AT THE CAMERA!”  ROFL.  Oh, how kids say the funniest things!



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