Fort Worth Wedding Photographer | Meagan’s Rock the Dress Session

This beautiful lady is Meagan.  She got married two years ago and decided as a present to her hubby and herself (she never got official bridal portraits when she got married) to pull her beautiful dress out of the closet where it had been sitting the last two years and go take some fun, fabulous, and sexy rock the dress pictures.

What is a “rock the dress” or “trash the dress” session?  First, I prefer the first term.  The second implies that we are literally ruining the dress.  The truth is, you can go from very mild to severe in these sessions.  In this session, Megan’s dress did not get permanently harmed in any way.

We decided to go to Turner Falls, Oklahoma.  What fun we had!!  You should have see the reactions of people seeing a bride out there in the middle of the woods!  We were certainly the center of attention 🙂

I hope you enjoy these. I certainly enjoyed taking them!

There were a ton of these bikes in the park.  We went up to the bikers and asked if Megan could get some pictures on one.  They told us to pick the bike we wanted.  We felt a little on the spot, cause we knew we would hurt their pride for those we didn’t pick.  We decided on this bright yellow one.  They guy just sat there and beamed about it.  I’m pretty sure we made his week 🙂



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