GW Exotic Animal Memorial Park, Oklahoma

Since becoming a full-time photographer, I haven’t been shooting things much for just the pleasure of taking pictures.  I think its pretty important to step back now and then and just go have some fun.  I’m a huge animal lover, so when I found out about the GW Exotic Animal Memorial Park in Oklahoma from another photographer, we got together with some photographer friends and off we went for a 2 hour drive to check out this amazing facility.  All I took was one camera and two lenses.  This was a nice change from my huge rolling suitcase and trunk load of lighting equipment that I always carry with me to sessions!

It was over 103 degrees, but I did REALLY enjoy seeing all these wonderful animals in a wonderful environment where they were happy and healthy. I will for sure go back in the Fall when the animals will be more active, but until then, enjoy this great kitty pictures!

These two little guys kept tackling my ankles!  We got to play with and hold them, but they mostly just wanted to tackle us and each other!




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