Jasmine Star Comes to Texas

This past Monday I had the opportunity to make the 3.5 hour journey with a couple of my photographer friends to College Station, to meet photographer rockstar, Jasmine Star and her second shooter and husband, JD.   If you are a wedding photographer, and don’t live under a rock, you have probably heard of Jasmine.  She is rated Top 10 International Wedding Photographer and also Top 10 Most Influential Wedding Photographer in the world.  Usually, she would be speaking in front of thousands of people, but the Brazos Valley Professional Photographers Association brought her out to speak to a small group of about only 150 people.

Jasmine was there to speak about self-branding.  By this, she meant everything from your business name & logo to tips for writing your blog posts.  She spoke of leveraging your own unique assets and the wonder of social media.  Overall, from what she said, I got that I am going the right direction (and I have been very successful from it), and I also got some ideas to take my business even further.

Not only is she generous with information, she is funny.  I mean, really funny! And animated.  On her blog she talks about the pictures captured of her and how she is always talking with her hands.  Yes, Jasmine you do this.  I don’t have any pictures of you without your hands flying about, but we love you for it.

These two remind me of  “Spirit Fingers!” LOL

After she spoke, she gave away three Show-It memberships for a year. She gave one to the person that drove the furthest (Louisiana), one to the person that had the closest birthday to the date, and another to the person that had the cutest boots….   Here are the ladies sporting their boots:

After she spoke, she met with every person there individually.  You should have seen all these women get all giggly from being able to talk to her.  While we were waiting for our turn to chat, we were able to network with all of the other photographers there.  It was so much fun 🙂

This is Jessica.  She went down there with me and Shanna.  I was testing my settings to make sure they were good so I would be ready to get my picture taken with Jasmine.

Here is a group picture of Jasmine and all my photography buddies that we went with… (Shanna, Susan, Me & Jessica)

And finally, my big moment with Jasmine.  I love this picture.   It isn’t often that I get one of myself that doesn’t look horrible because I have been shooting a wedding for 8 hours!

Thank you so much Jasmine & JD for coming to visit with us!

You are wonderful and have really earned your success.  Best of wishes to you and your wonderful husband!



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