Las Vegas: Night Helicopter Tour of the Strip

This was one of the most amazing experiences!  If you know me, you know that I LOVE night photography. A few years ago, a local photography group did a helicopter flight over Dallas, but I declined because I knew my equipment just wouldn’t cut it. It demanded both a top end body and lens in order to be able to shoot hand-held while moving.

Well, now that I have the equipment to do it, I saw this tour while I was in Vegas and was sold. I HAD to do it. I like to test myself and my equipment. I booked my ticket, and called to find out what time to show up. They told me the information I needed and then asked for some of my info including email. I told her (and my email has “photography” in it). She asked if I would be taking pictures, and I replied that I was. She told me that she was the manager and if I would promise to send her some pics, she would let me sit up front by the pilot. I happily agreed!

Well, I showed up and checked in and waited my turn. They took a bus-load of us at a time to the helicopters. I was the only “single” person. The crewman asked for my ticket and then said, “are you all alone?” I said “yes”. Everyone looked at me with pitty. I almost stuck my lower lip out. Then, he took my boarding pass and said, “OH. You are the one that is taking the pictures for us! You will be coming with me.” (I would get in from the left and everyone else was on the right side of the helicopter).

While I wasn’t being hired to take the pictures, it sure made me feel cool 😉 In 2.2 seconds, everyone went from looking at me with pity to looking at me like I was a National Geographic photographer. If only… LOL

I’m very happy with how the images turned out, and I hope you enjoy them as well.

(All shots taken at f2.8, 1/100, ISO 2000)



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