Las Vegas: Valley of Fire

I’m out in Vegas again!  I feel like I live here lately!  I still have 3 more trips scheduled for this year, but this week ends the last of the current project I’ve been out here helping out with.  Since they wanted me out here two weeks back-to-back, I just decided to stay over the weekend to avoid the horrid travel schedule.  The bad side was that I didn’t get to see my husband and puppies for two weeks, but the up side was that I got to see some of the local scenery that I normally didn’t have time for.

One of my outings was to the Valley of Fire.  It certainly earned its name.  It was really beautiful and certainly worth the hour drive each way.  Enjoy 🙂

Have I mentioned lately that I am terrified of heights?  But, if I have my camera, I just have to get over it because I refuse to let that fear keep me from getting a picture I want!  I held on to both rails and looked at my feet the whole way up this:

Arch rock:

Elephant Rock:



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