Las Vegas: Night Architecture, MGM Grand Lions and Mandalay Bay Shark Reef

I’ve been doing some contract work out in Vegas recently doing what I did in my previous life (aviation consulting).  While I don’t get much time to play, I do try to get out and about in the evenings to stretch my legs a bit.  These images are a bit random, but I hope you enjoy them 🙂  I have a few other posts of the area that you can see by CLICKING HERE.

First, I just want it on record that I was actually up before sun rise.  WAY before sun rise, since obviously I had been sitting at the airport hours before this picture was taken.  If you know me, you are quite impressed right now.

Loved the lighting here as I was walking over to the MGM Grand to see the lion exhibit.

Again, the perfect lighting against the green neon lights.

Aren’t these kitties just ADORABLE?  They looked and acted like they were pretty young.  Their handlers (3 guys) played with them like I would with my dogs, wrestling, etc.

On all my previous trips, I would start near the middle of the strip and after walking for hours, I never made it down to the Luxor.  I finally started at the Excalibur so that I could see it.  The simplicity of the building with the “jewel” on top just fascinates me.  It’s for sure one of my favorite hotels there architecture wise.  By the way, all of these images were shot hand held since I was limited on packing space for a tripod (and I just didn’t feel like carrying it!)  This image was shot at ISO 3200.  If you want a great camera that produces very little noise at high ISO, I HIGHLY recommend the D700.

These are all from the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay….

Ok, I think this image is my favorite from the whole trip.  Jelly fish really just mesmerize me.  I stood in front of this tank about 20 minutes just watching.  Not only are jelly fish cool, but check out the awesome colors!  This image has a little noise, but not like you would expect knowing it was shot at ISO 5000!!

And to finish off, you can’ t go to the Shark Reef and not get an image of a shark.  I didn’t get any super fantastic ones because they didn’t get real close to the glass and I got tired of standing there waiting.  I hate when fish don’t cooperate 😉  Shot at f/2.8, 1/80, ISO 6400.



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