Las Colinas Canals Engagement Session | Manuel & Fabiola are engaged!

Wow, how do I get so lucky to have such wonderful & beautiful couples? I’m not quite sure myself, but you won’t hear any complaints from me!  This is Manuel & Fabiola.  Not only are they gorgeous, they happened to be very cool, understanding people too!

On my way to their engagement session, the worst thing happened.  My car died about 5 minutes from our shoot location.  It wouldn’t start for NOTHIN’.  So, of course, the first thing I did was call them.  They happened to be a few minutes from getting off at the exit I was located, so they stopped and picked me up and we went and shot their session.  They then took me back to my car and I handled everything from there.  Gosh, how embarrassing!!

Thankfully, I have some gorgeous pictures to show from it 🙂  This was my first session at the beautiful Las Colinas Canals.  I have a feeling after looking at these, its popularity is going to skyrocket with my clients!

Congratulations to you both on your engagement.  I can’t wait to shoot Fabiola’s bridals and their wedding!



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