San Antonio Wedding Photographer: Espada Mission Double Mexican Rodeo Wedding | Victor+Carla & Thomas+Norma

One thing I absolutely love about my job is getting to see how different cultures celebrate their wedding day.  This wedding was unique in every way.  Not only was it a Mexican wedding, it was a DOUBLE Mexican wedding!  The ceremonies took place back-to-back at the Espada Mission, followed up with a shared reception at a private ranch where there was a live band lots of dancing and a horse show.  This is an extremely long post, but I think this is one of those times that warrants it 😉

Also, I want to give special thank you to my fabulous team for all your hard work.  I never could have pulled this event off without you!  Susan Lennex, Vanja Djuric, and Nikki Rigs: you are all fabulous!  Now, onto the pictures!



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