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Seriously, I have been the worst blogger ever this past year!  I really try to do better, but on the always long list of things to do, somehow this seems to be what I tend to not get to. And, it's bad, because I am hoarding some gorgeous images of beautiful people! Before these two get married, I thought I better blog their engagement because there is no way that I'm not showing off this session! I met Dominique and Brooke-lynn at a bridal show.  I know I'm not the only photographer that has people walk up at a show and

One day, one of my wonderful wedding planner buddies contacted me and said that this great couple was interested in meeting me to chat about my services.  We planned a date and I got to meet Dorian and Bethanie in person.  It was just one of those meetings where we just clicked! I remember looking at LaKisha, (their planner) and saying, "Ohhh, I can tell that I could create magic with these two!"  I could just tell with how they interacted with each other and with me that it was a great pairing. Thankfully, I got the message shortly later that

Ryan and Andrea are actually one of my couple's from last Fall, but with their very hectic work schedules, they were unable to get their engagement portraits taken prior to their wedding.  So, when time freed up a LITTLE from also trying to plan their wedding, Andrea wanted to get together for some casual portraits of them in the Las Colinas Canals. Usually during an engagement session is when I get to chat with and get to know my clients better before their wedding, but in this case, we got to catch up on how they had been since their wedding

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